61 Heintzman Street Suite 924
Toronto, Ontario M6P 5A2
Benjamin did a fabolous job on our wedding day from start to finish he was a true professional. We had an amazing day!"
- Aubrey & Natalie Pantlitz
I was very impressed and blown away with how seamless everything flowed, the choice of music was simply elegant. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone, you can rest assured they bring the music! Thanks guys for making our day special!"
- Lanre & Niharika Ogboluaje

Wow we had an awesome time! Your such a great DJ you had everyone up dancing and the variety of music was perfect. What a nice surprise for my 40th birthday!"
- Courtney Fromm

Urban Arts is deeply appreciative of the services that DJ Elegance has provided to our agency over the past year and a half in regards to music and sound expertise. In my observation of Benjamin his keen insight into event management and many of his recommendations have helped us organizationally to execute several events leading to a successful outcome. We have received several other complimentary remarks from staff, children and parents about DJ Elegance and their services and look forward to working with them again. We would not hesitate to recommend the service to other agencies, companies or individuals.
- Lennox J. Cadore Arts Program Manager


“My husband and I are very pleased with the service we received from Benjamin. We ran into a problem with the DJ we originally booked and found Ben through our venue where he is a preferred vendor. Benjamin took initiative right away to start the planning for our big day as it was only a few short months away. All of our guests were up dancing and commented on how they all enjoyed the variety of music he played throughout the night”

“DJ Elegance’s staff we’re easy to communicate with on time and patient”

DJ Marcus did a great job he had people up dancing all night long! Our 20th wedding anniversary wouldn’t have been the same without you guys.

“DJ Elegance is great to work with and always had a great mix of music”

“Benjamin was extremely professional throughout the entire process. He took the time to chat with me prior to the event to get a good understanding of my expectations for the evening. He not only played great music but organized games as well to get people to interact with one another. I would definitely recommend DJ Elegance”