61 Heintzman Street Suite 924
Toronto, Ontario M6P 5A2
"32% of people find wedding planning to be more stressful than enjoyable”

Why struggle and try to plan one of the most memorable times in your life and have it be a miserable experience?

DJ Elegance has been founded based on the principles that for your special event/occasion or wedding you should enjoy your special day at an affordable rate without stress.

DJ Elegance is a one-stop shop DJ service that combines a hybrid of services for your special event or social needs targeting businesses and individuals and offering professional experiential planning and sound expertise saving you money!

DJ Elegance offers you one-to-one service and a seasoned hand in building your event shoring up the problems and challenges that plague many events when it comes to their musical, sound or lighting needs and ensuring your event reaches the desired outcome of success minus the hassle and anxiety.

DJ Elegance focuses on:

  1. Planning, working on budget and delivering tangible results
  2. Customized and tailored service
  3. Flexible, dynamic and proactive staff
  4. Solutions orientated approach to our work

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate about weddings and events treating your business and day like our own.

DJ Elegance is focused on providing trouble-free wedding services and solutions with undeniable quality. We believe in creating and handling the fine details so that you can relax and enjoy your day.

Our journey into the wedding industry was a 10+ year journey. Being active in the Toronto business and social nightlife scene for over a decade organizing events became something that came natural to us (music, sound and event logistics). This roller coaster ride led us to produce a variety of events in the not for profit and for profit sector.

With our previous success we re-aligned and focused our core efforts to serve the corporate, wedding and special event industry. Our goal is to develop unique and signature experiences to assist brides and grooms and our corporate clients.